Time Line Warriors

Time Line Warriors is a science fiction sea story involving parallel worlds.  Tom Weston, a retired Coast Guard captain and his wife, Wilma embark on a Cape Horn cruise, and their ship encounters a gate to a parallel universe.  An 1800 vintage warship emerges, and Tom takes part in the rescue of a British seaman who has been condemned to death for sleeping on watch.  The sailor’s girlfriend jumps off the warship and is also rescued.  Women often went along on the larger warships during the early 19th century.  Tom and Wilma help the early 19th century couple adjust to the modern world.  Several French and English warships emerge from the gate, and Tom helps prevent a bloody confrontation.  Gates begin opening at random, and warships from a world that had destroyed itself with nuclear and biological weapons begin to appear bringing terror on the high seas.  The survivors of the nuclear war are mostly young men aboard naval vessels, and they begin to kidnap women off cruise ships and from shore side communities.  After saving many lives by a series of heroic actions, Tom is called on by the navy to help counter the rogue warships.  He finally faces a challenge that threatens his life and the lives of those on the ship he commands.


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